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The growth or lack of growth in the economy is a current debate. So, if you are one of the Baby Boomers who weathered the 2008 economic crisis and still in business, let's consider your situation. You are labeled a "Baby Boomer" because you are now between the mid...

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Business Plan Basics

Ho-hum, you may be thinking. Or, boring. Maybe even, when can I possibly fit this into my hectic week? As an entrepreneur, you are an extremely busy individual who probably shoots from the hip more often than not. So, do you really need to take the time and effort to...

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How To Get Your Business Ready To Sell

Here are some of the obvious, and not so obvious, steps you can take as you get ready to sell your business: Clean the premises Organize the books and records Deal with any customer/vendor/employee issues prior to the sale Try to increase revenues without sacrificing...

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You Have Goodwill Because?

From time to time, I am in the unfortunate position of telling some 50-year old business owner that they "just don’t have any goodwill". "But we have been around forever, or our name is like a household word in the community, or we literally have thousands of...

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Develop a Negotiation Strategy when Selling a Business

When you begin to negotiate the sale of the business, you will be much better off if you have developed a personal plan and have prioritized which items in the deal are the most important to you and which items you can compromise on and still accomplish your...

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Small Business Buyer’s Wish List

We recently presented a wish list for a typical seller of a small business. Now, it's the buyer's turn. Entrepreneurs – whether they are buyers or sellers – generally agree on several factors that make the business transfer process more seamless overall. A buyer...

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Small Business Seller’s Wish List

Today we are offering a wish list for a typical seller of a small business. Entrepreneurs who are selling their companies, as well as those looking to purchase, generally agree on what would make the process more seamless overall. What the seller wants: A qualified...

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What Matters Most to Business Buyers?

An established business has much to offer a prospective buyer. A proven product or service exists, as well as a customer base. Typically, there are experienced employees and managers in place (and many choose to remain with the company after the sale is complete)....

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